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Commentary: Posting Slanderous Material on-line and / or Filing a Slanderous Complaint with the Unfair BBB, will not go unanswered by Mechanic's!  You will be held accountable!

Unfortunately for Mr. Hector Manuel Flores AKA World Missions Society Church of God of 5922 Williams Road, Norcross, GA 30093, Phone 770-806-6784, 619-895-6784, 679-895-2606,, he did not heed this good advice before he decided to attack Mechanic's Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC, "Mechanic's".

I have been reporting for some time now that Mechanic's does not take slander lightly.  Nor does Mechanic's allow someone to aimlessly and maliciously attack Mechanic's without Mechanic's striking back.  Mechanic's has always been a Company that will retaliate against anyone or any Company or Organization who engages in slander against Mechanic's, with everything the Law allows.

I would like to thank Mechanic's for bringing Mr. Hector Manuel Flores AKA World Missions Society Church of God's slanderous statements, posts and lies to my attention.

Here is what Mechanic's told the unfair BBB in relation to Mr. Hector Manuel Flores' (AKA World Missions Society Church of God) complaint against Mechanic's:

Mechanic's Responds to :

World Missions Society Church of God
Hector Manuel Flores

5922 Williams Road
Norcross, GA 30093


Is The "World Missions Society Church of God" a cult?

Mechanic's Terms and Conditions of Service Agreement Hector Manuel Flores and the World Missions Society Church of God Is Bound By

World_Missions_Society_Church_of_God - Hector_Manuel_Flores_Invoice__84418

World_Missions_Society_Church_of_God - Hector_Manuel_Flores_Questionnaire

World_Missions_Society_Church_of_God - Hector_Manuel_Flores_Emails

World_Missions_Society_Church_of_God - Hector_Manuel_Flores_Email_From_Call_Experts


On 6-21-2010, our technician arrived at a commercial property at the request of a caller named Hector Flores. 

The business is called World Mission Society Church of God. 

Our technician Rudy met with Hector Flores and explained the initial charge and diagnostic service for $29.95.  Mr. Flores agreed and signed the work order. 

During the initial conversation, Rudy learned that the church was experiencing a mold problem that according to Mr. Flores was being caused by the air conditioning unit.  Following our procedure, Rudy produced a questionnaire to get additional information before he looked at the unit.   Rudy asked Mr. Flores how the unit was operating.  Mr. Flores stated he did not know.  Rudy thought this odd that Mr. Flores would think that the a/c unit was causing the mold problem yet did know if the system had been working.  Rudy decided to proceed with another question:  "How has your system been working in the past?"  Mr. Flores responded that he did not know.  Rudy tried a different tack.  He asked Mr. Flores:  "What problems has your system had in the past?"  Mr. Flores again responded "I don't know." 

At this Mr. Flores became agitated with Rudy.  Rudy was concerned because supposedly the church had a serious problem and Mr. Flores did not want to help provide any information.  Rudy then asked:  "What work has been done on your system in the past and by whom?"  Again Mr. Flores stated "I don't know."  He did not provide any more information or appear to want to cooperate.  Rudy asked three more questions relating to any health related issues by folks working in the church or coming to the church and received the exact same answer "I don't know." 

So, Rudy then proceeded to examine the unit under the diagnostic check. 

At the completion of the diagnostic check, Rudy made recommendation about the compressor and performing an additional troubleshooting service.  Mr. Flores stated no and paid the $29.95.  Rudy left the business.   

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Flores demanded a full refund.  He sent an email stating that he paid the $29.95 because he had signed an agreement was bound by it.  Because of this odd behavior, we became concerned that Rudy met with someone not affiliated with the church and that was why they did not know any information regarding the air conditioning. 

Our records show a call from 770-806-6784 which is registered to a J. Kang at Norcross Georgia.  We looked up information on the church and discovered that a person affiliated with the church who is named Ahn Sahn-hong is actually Jesus Christ who returned to earth a second time as a Korean and is called God the Father.  His wife Zan Gil-Jah is actually called God the Mother. 

Our technician was unable to reach either of these two people to see if they knew more about the air conditioning system and its past performance. 

With the church's a/c unit not working, it is likely the church would become as hot as hell.  Our management staff considered sending another experienced technician who is a female unfortunately at this church, women have to wear veils and we were not willing to obscure the vision of our trained technicians while they are handling volatile chemicals or electrical hazards. 

Thus, we have decided not to refund Mr. Flores' $29.95.  We are unable to say how Mr. Flores' a/c unit will be repaired but with no one available to provide any information about it or his unwillingness to allow additional troubleshooting, one thing's for sure:  it will take a miracle......or more than $29.95. 


Clearly, Mr. Hector Manuel Flores AKA World Missions Society Church of God has slandered Mechanic's.


In this reporter's opinion, If Mr. Hector Manuel Flores AKA World Missions Society Church of God calls you for any service help - Hang Up the Phone Fast! (and watch for any posts on-line!)





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You can reach Mr. Hector Manuel Flores AKA World Missions Society Church of God via email at his email

Hector Manuel Flores AKA World Missions Society Church of God
5922 Williams Road, Norcross, GA 30093
770-806-6784, 619-895-6784, 679-895-2606

You can reach J. R. Adams via email at


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